Putting the Interactive into Darts!

Published: 18 Jan 2024
Putting the Interactive into Darts!

At The WonderBar, we’ve transformed the classic pub game into an experience of darting delight. But the question is how? With our interactive darts we have a boast of mini games for you to chose from to keep you going for hours!

We’ve put together a guide for you to explore all our games we have on offer!

Games That Hit the Bullseye:


Prepare for a tower of 301 blocks standing tall, awaiting to be demolished. Score points, but beware, on hard mode, finishing on exactly zero is the ultimate challenge. The player to clear their tower in the fewest turns claims victory.



Robin Hood:

Transport yourself to Sherwood Forest, where precision meets the bullseye challenge. Hit the board for points,  the closer to the bulls-eye you get the more points received! The player with the most points after six rounds emerges as the archery ace.



Embark on a journey around the board, scoring points in progressive rounds. In this game the dart board divides into sections and hitting a dart into this section gets you a point! The player with the most points at the end takes home the Shanghai crown. Can you conquer the city of points?


Halve It:

Start with 40 points and aim for more by hitting gold targets. Miss, and your score is halved. The player with the most coins after eight rounds reigns supreme. It’s a game of halves, but the fun is whole!



Time to take out the trash! Hit your assigned number three times to become a darting assassin. Target other players, aim for doubles and trebles, and multiply your hits. The last one standing wins. It’s a killer showdown!




Keep it simple, score big! In six rounds, score as many points as you can. The player with the most points at the end steals the show. It’s time to shine on the darts stage!



Classic Darts:

For the connoisseur of darts, enjoy an autoscoring version of the classic format. Choose from 301, 501, or 701, and customise your game with check-ins, check-outs, and tips. It’s classic, but with a darting twist!


Difficulty Settings:

Whether you’re a darting novice or fancy yourself as the new Luke Littler of the toon, we’ve got you covered:


Ideal for darting newcomers. Recommended if you can throw a dart but not too accurately. Limited skill required, maximum fun guaranteed.


For those with some darting skills. Emphasis on hitting specific areas of the board or specific numbers. A delightful challenge for the burgeoning dart enthusiast.


Recommended for players with darting experience. Hit specific numbers and navigate smaller sections of the board. It’s time to crank up the difficulty and show off your darting prowess.

Join us at The WonderBar, where every dart thrown is a dance move, and every game is a masterpiece. Are you ready to aim, throw, and conquer the darting wonderland? See you at the oche!

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