The Road To Harwick: Week 2’s local flavours!

Published: 15 Apr 2024
The Road To Harwick: Week 2’s local flavours!

Get ready for the second night of The Road To Hardwick – Battle of The Bands on 3rd May 2024, starting from 7pm. And guess what? Tickets are on us!

We might be biased but there certainly is a lot of talent within the North East and we have picked the very best to perform onstage to compete for the winning prizes for The Road To Hardwick!

Let’s dive into the phenomenal lineup:


Noyou, The Road To Hardwick: week 2's Local Flavours

Hailing from Sunderland, Noyou is a dynamic 4-piece band that merges alternative guitar-driven intensity with a captivating vintage synthetic sheen. The sound of Noyou will send you racing towards the future in a vehicle of nostalgia and familiar charm.


Vice Killer

Vice Killer, The Road To Harwick: Week 2’s local flavours!

Fronted by the talented singer-songwriter Thomas Low Gilling, Vice Killer is a powerhouse Indie/Alternative Band originating from Peterlee, County Durham. Following the resounding success of their 2021 debut EP, ‘Alone, in This World’, they’ve been igniting sold-out shows across the North East. Keep your ears tuned for their upcoming EP ‘Keep On Fighting On’, set to drop this May 2024… (maybe there’s a chance they’ll perform this onstage at The Road To Hardwick).


Annabel Pattinson

Annabel Pattinson

Prepare to be mesmerised by the stunning sounds of Annabel Pattinson, an acoustic singer-songwriter from the North East. With a passion for music from the age of 12, Annabel has graced prestigious venues across the region, delivering soulful performances that leave a lasting impression.


Camel Island

Rising like a tidal wave, Camel Island is a dynamic four-piece Indie sensation from South Shields. Their music has graced the airwaves of BBC Radio Newcastle, and their track ‘Stalling’ clinched the coveted title of ‘Best Single’ at the SPARK radio local music awards show. Camel Island is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.


Jenny Dean

Jenny Dean, one of 4 artists her-monically launching The Road To Hardwick: An all female lineup.

Local North East solo artist performing an array of indie and brit pop. Winner of Emerging Talent Competition at Rafferty’s Middlesbrough, will Jenny take another win at The Road to Hardwick? You decide! We’re massive fans of her latest singles ‘Enemy’ – available on all streaming channels.


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How it works:

At The Road To Hardwick – Battle of The Bands, we’ve selected the top 16 bands and musicians from hundreds of talented applicants. The stakes are high, with the winner snagging the coveted mainstage slot at Hardwick Festival along with a range of other prizes to catapult the winning band into stardom!


Who makes it through? YOU decide!

Join us and our panel of industry professionals to choose the next big thing in music. Grab your free tickets now and be part of the excitement!


And don’t forget to take advantage of The Road To Hardwick’s bespoke drinks deals:

  • 2 cocktails for £12
  • Double Spirit & Mixer for £5
  • Stein of larger/cider for £8
  • 2 cans of Red Stripe or Hooch for £6


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What are you waiting for? Secure your free tickets, support local talent, and have your say as to who plays mainstage at Hardwick Festival!

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