The Road To Hardwick The Final Heat Line up.

Published: 16 Apr 2024
The Road To Hardwick The Final Heat Line up.

The Road To Hardwick The Final Heat line up.

As we enter the last week of the heats on 31st May 2024, brace yourself for a night filled with exceptional talent!

After sifting through hundreds of applications, we’ve curated an outstanding lineup of talent. Consequently, each band is bringing their A-game to secure a spot on the mainstage at Hardwick Festival.


Meet the Line-Up:


Shady Quid


Hailing from Newcastle, Shady Quid is a dynamic blues rock quintet with roots tracing back to the scenic bridleways of Hardwick. Spearheaded by the soulful singer/songwriter Liam, their repertoire boasts a solid hour of original, blues-infused music that’s as inspired as it is timeless.





Meet Swindled—a band of five Sunderland mates (two of them brothers) on a mission to conquer the music scene. Specifically, their debut EP ‘Counting Sheep’ showcases their vibrant personalities and undeniable talent. Additionally, transporting listeners to a bygone era of distinct voices and timeless melodies, Swindled’s Beatles-like harmonies promise an unforgettable musical journey.



Ocean Floor


Dive into the energy and authenticity of Ocean Floor—an electrifying blend of alt-rock, grunge, and pop punk hailing from Leeds. Notably, their music resonates with self-discovery and social commentary, delivered through catchy melodies, gritty riffs, and powerful vocals. Moreover, Ocean Floor embodies the essence of Hardwick Festival, promising an unforgettable performance that leaves audiences craving more.


Jam Tub


Emerging from Durham, Jam Tub is the explosive indie rock trio taking the North East by storm. Specifically, led by guitarist/vocalist Michael Stott and drummer Fergus Hamill, their hard-hitting sound has garnered acclaim. For instance, tracks like ‘Riverside’ have surpassed 10,000 streams on Spotify in record time. Therefore, join them on their meteoric rise through the regional music scene!



Pretty Velvet

Pretty Velvet

A five-piece modern/alternative rock band is set to set the stage alight. Notably, they are known for the iconic dual-fronting vocals from Lees and Daniel Maple, accompanied by electric guitarists Tommy, Ewan George, and Adam Willis. Consequently, will their catchy riffs and blues edge take your fancy?



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How It Works:

At The Road To Hardwick – Battle of The Bands, we’ve handpicked the top 16 bands and musicians from hundreds of talented applicants. Consequently, the stakes are high, with the winner snagging the coveted mainstage slot at The North East’s biggest festival, Hardwick Festival, along with a range of other prizes!

So, who will advance to the semi-finals? YOU decide! Join us and our panel of industry professionals to choose the next big thing in music. Therefore, grab your free tickets now and be part of the excitement

Don’t forget to take advantage of The Road To Hardwick’s bespoke drinks deals:

  • 2 cocktails for £12
  • Double Spirit & Mixer for £5
  • Stein of lager/cider for £8
  • 2 cans of Red Stripe or Hooch for £6

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What are you waiting for? Secure your free tickets now, support local talent, and have your say as to who plays the mainstage at Hardwick Festival! Furthermore, join us for the final showdown of the heats and witness the next breakout stars in the making!

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