Upstairs at The WonderBar

Your number 1 destination for live music in Newcastle Upon Tyne!

Nestled above the lively atmosphere of WonderBar, WonderUp is our musical sanctuary where every note strikes a chord of excitement.

Prepare to be serenaded by a symphony of sounds as we showcase the best of live music in Newcastle. From toe-tapping tributes to heart-pounding cover bands and the rising stars of the North East music scene, WonderUp is your ticket to sonic bliss.

Get ready to groove to the tunes of local talent, as we amplify the melodies of the North East’s brightest stars. Whether you’re a seasoned music aficionado or just looking to dance the night away, WonderUp offers something for everyone.

Can’t make it to one of our events below? Not to worry we have live music from the North East’s greatest talent everyday in our downstairs area!

Upcoming Events

8th June | 8pm

Join us for a night of music as we pay homage to the iconic hits of Blondie, without “Fading Away” into the night! Indulge in the infectious energy of “One Way or Another” and feel the thrill of “Hanging on the Telephone” as our talented performers bring Blondie’s legendary tunes to life!


The Road To Hardwick
14th June | 7pm

The first night of The Road To Hardwick Semi-Finals. Witness different bands showcase their talents and battle it out for a chance to win a set at Hardwick Festival!

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The Road To Hardwick
The Semi-Finals
21st June | 7pm

The second and final night of The Road To Hardwick where bands go head to head to win a set at Hardwick Festival 2024!

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Clubland Reborn
22nd June | 7:30pm

Prepare to dance the night away as the only live band of clubland in the UK takes over The WonderBar. Transport yourself back to the golden era with timeless melodies, a vibrant party ambiance, and the complete Clubland Live encounter in this energetic performance that guarantees to keep you moving non-stop.

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Ed Sheeran Songbook
13th July| 1:30pm

Looking to step into a world of ‘Perfect’ melodies with Shred Sheeran?
Performed by the sensational Jack Bowater, experience The Ed Sheeran Songbook and dance the day away to all of Ed’s top hits!


The Road To Hardwick
The Final
19th July | 7pm

It’s the final of The Road To Hardwick! Watch as our finalists take centre stage to battle it out, whoever wins takes a spot at Hardwick Festival 2024!



Geordie Cinnamon
20th July | 8pm

Gerry Cinnamon’s music resonates deeply, captivating audiences far and wide with its unique fusion of folk, rock, and raw urban poetry. Through anthemic belters and soul-stirring ballads, Geordie Cinnamon authentically embodies the essence of Gerry himself.


Simply Tina
27th July | 3pm

Roll Down the River of nostalgia with Simply Tina. A live tribute of Tina Turner performed by the iconic Shelley Stevens. Prepare to be enthralled with the iconic hairstyles, dazzling attire and signature moves. From the soulful “What’s Love Got to Do with It” to the electrifying “Proud Mary”, get ready to dance the night away to Tina’s greatest hits!


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