Making the Most of Interactive Darts

Published: 18 Jan 2024
Making the Most of Interactive Darts
Unlocking the Fun of Interactive Darts at The WonderBar

Step into The WonderBar, where we’ve pioneered the realm of interactive darts in Newcastle. Far from your ordinary game, our interactive darts boast nine mini-games, ensuring the fun never wears thin. As the first venue in Newcastle upon Tyne to provide this unique experience, we’ve transformed the classic game of darts into an adventure that caters to all.

What makes our darts interactive?

A lot of people may ask what makes our darts interactive? Well, if you’ve ever been bowling, you will know that there are fun screens where you can pop your name in, sometimes a funny picture and this screen keeps track of all of your scores. Interactive Darts is basically this and more!

Not only can you personalise your game with pictures and names, this is where our mini-games come into play. Depending on your game the screen will show the challenge, for example if you choose blockbuster it will show your towers and each shot will help know this tower down, block by block.



Who is Interactive Darts for?

Interactive darts at The WonderBar caters to everyone, from families seeking daytime entertainment to stag or hen parties in search of an evening filled with drinks and

socializing. It’s the perfect alternative for a work Christmas party, offering an experience that transcends the typical sit-down meal or drinks gathering.



making the most of interactive darts



Making the Most of Interactive Darts at The WonderBar

Elevate your experience with our bespoke Drink. Dine. Dart packages, available for groups of four and more. Our add-on packages promise not just a game but a comprehensive experience.


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Tips and Tricks to Hit the Bulls-Eye

Darts is a tricky one, perfecting the art requires a perfect stance, a good aim and mental thought – all very hard after a drink I know! Whether you want to come along for a bit of fun or want to perfect the skill see below for our top tips to hit the bulls-eye and be crowned master of flight!

1. Hold Still

Aim for consistency by maintaining full-body awareness throughout your throw. Steady breathing and controlled motion are key.

2. Perfect Your Stance

Craft a comfortable yet stable stance. The proper angle and weight distribution contribute to accuracy and stability.

3. Perfect The Follow-Through

Master the three-stage throw, ensuring a smooth glide between positions A, B, and C. A perfect follow-through involves a wrist snap at the end of the throw.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Regular practice trumps occasional brilliance. Multiple sessions per week significantly enhance accuracy.

5. Conquer The Mind Game

Darts is not just about skill but also a mental game. Improve concentration, focus, and confidence through practices like meditation and breathing exercises.

Our Minigame’s

As mentioned earlier we have a range of mini-games available alongside our darts which make them stand out from your ordinary game of darts. See the game portfolio here.

Darts at The WonderBar is not just a bit of fun; it’s the perfect activity for all ages. Dive into the world of interactive darts, where each throw is a chance to create lasting memories in the heart of Newcastle’s vibrant entertainment scene.



Do dart players spin the dart?

In the world of professional darts, spin isn’t intentional. Players focus on consistent release and trajectory for accuracy. They master grip and release techniques to control flight path and hit targets. While spin can happen naturally, it’s not deliberate like in basketball or football. Excessive spin may lead to accuracy issues. Pros practice tirelessly to develop muscle memory and hit targets consistently without relying on spin.

How does smart darts work?

With smart dart technology, the age-old game of darts gets a lively upgrade, adding an interactive twist that appeals to players of all levels.

What do darts players aim for?

In dart competitions, pros aim for key segments on the board to score big and outplay opponents:

  • Triple 20 (T20): The highest-scoring spot, worth 60 points.
  • Triple 19 (T19) and Triple 18 (T18): Valuable for strategic plays.
  • Bullseye: Offers 50 or 25 points, demanding precise shots.
  • Specific Numbers: Targets vary based on game dynamics.
  • Doubles/Triples: Speed up scoring and secure game-winning moves.

Pros master precision and adapt strategies for a winning edge. When playing our Interactive Darts, where you want to aim for is completely dependant on your chosen minigame.


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